Thursday, July 12, 2018


Youth Temple Trip 

The purpose of our trip to Madrid was the Stake youth temple trip.  Each year, they charter a few buses and take the youth to Madrid for a week.  This is the last year that they will be doing it since next year Lisbon will have its own temple!!  

We left around 6:00 am.  From start to finish and all the stops in between,
we spent approximately 12 hours on the bus...(Our family came home on our own,
not with the youth and it only took us 6.)

This is the youth of our branch.  We are missing a couple who couldn't make it but, this is pretty much it.  I am the Young Women's president and Chris is the Young Men's president.  It works out well for us.

The MTC is on the same grounds as the temple and the temple housing.  It was fun to see missionaries all about.  The temple is beautiful, as always.

The boys doing their best to be patient with my need to take pictures of them.

We left the Stake group after 2 days to pursue our Spring Break plans.  We rented a
tiny airbnb in the city and spent the rest of the week sight seeing.

                                  Funny Things

???  There were 2 of these giant baby heads...  ???

Things are a bit smaller in Europe than we are use to.  Hahahahaha

How cute is that?!?!  


This restaurant served cereal.  They had shelves behind a bar, like a pub,
and you saddled on up to the bar and ordered yourself
a nice bowl of cereal!  #Mikescerealshack #Theoffice

This place sells Popsicle!  What??  If this was by our house,
Chris would come here 2 or 3 times a day!!

Cheers Popsicle buddies!

Cool and colorful church


Lots of lovers paddling around this little lake

Chris and I kept singing love songs for them.

The boys were not amused.  

People of Madrid

First date or married?

Besties or sisters?

I have no idea but...

I have no idea what these are or why they are here but, they are in a park.  They are approximately 12 feet tall.  I thought they were so funny so, we took a picture of them all.